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14. October, 2015Slider

We’ve had a diverse group of young women who have stayed with us. It has been a blessing to watch English speaking women begin to help and teach new residents to communicate on a very basic level – usually one word at a time.

They are very patient with them and it seems to help create a family atmosphere for everyone. We emphasize to each young woman that no matter what her circumstances are, she can help someone else who has different struggles.

Isn’t that the story for all of us? We can all help someone somewhere. We just need to watch for opportunities. It doesn’t have to be money, but it can be time, an arm to hold on to or carry a bag, teaching a new word – there are millions of things that people do for each other every day.

It is inspirational to see these young women who have so many struggles reach out and give a hand to someone else. It seems they are learning something.


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