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The Perry Center is supported through private donations. The largest source of support comes from the Christmas phone call campaigns. The Perry Center is an expression of the pro-life commitment of our supporters.

You may notice large baby bottles setting on counters at local businesses. This is a special fundraising campaign, and we hope you will look for these. If anyone is interested in helping with this project, we still have several more bottles that could be placed on countertops, especially in convenience stores and truck stops.

Please consider long term donations, such as through a will or trust. For more information about this, please call the Perry Center office. If you arrange this with your attorney and name the Perry Center to receive a long term gift, please send documentation of such.

You may make a donation to the work of the Perry Center by donating online or by mailing a check to:

The Perry Center
PO Box 850
West Fargo, ND 58078

The Perry Center is a 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax deductible.

When You Don't Know Where to Turn...
Our Mission
The purpose of the Perry Center is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to single women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in a residential setting.

The confidentiality of each client is strictly maintained

How to Apply
To apply to be a resident a pregnant woman must be single, between the ages of 12-23 years, and agree to follow the Perry Center program. Call the Perry Center at (701) 241-9289 for more information.

Did you know?
  • By Day 21 an unborn baby’s heart begins to beat
  • By 6 weeks brain waves can be detected.
  • 9-12 weeks his/her fingerprints are evident
  • By the end of the 4th month his/her ears are functioning and he/she hears mom’s heartbeat and external noises like music.
  • Babies born in the 5th month often survive.