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The Perry Center was established to carry on the work of Dr. David and Judy Perry who were killed in an auto accident in 1984. Dr. Perry was an OBGYN whose heart was torn to see babies killed before birth by distraught mothers often responding to the pressure of others. He and Judy offered their home and their hearts to women with an unexpected pregnancy. Read Dr. Perry’s story in his own words.

After the Perry’s died, Darold and Patricia Larson founded a maternity home in their name to carry on this work of mercy. The Perry Center opened in 1986 in a small frame house in Fargo, then moved to a facility near NDSU in 1993. In October of 2005, new buildings were built in South Fargo to house The Perry Center and Administrative Offices.

It is the only private Christian maternity home in North Dakota. Darold and Pat have three grown sons, three daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren.