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Join us April 29, from 7:00-8:00pm, to pray for The Perry Center, our staff, residents, and our community. We believe these are so important and essential for our ministry!

This is also a great opportunity to see and pray over our new office building next door to the maternity home, and the newly expanded Tender Hearts Daycare.

This is a come and go as you please event.


October 14, 2024

Past Events

Derrick and Julie Tennant are a dynamic brother and sister duo who love life and desire to help others do the same. Julie has Down Syndrome and Derrick is paralyzed on his left side. Despite these challenges, both have learned obstacles are opportunities and joy is a choice.

Julie has an “extra” chromosome; her grandpa said it isn’t extra, but everyone else is MISSING it. He called it The LOVE Chromosome. Julie’s Love Chromosome is something she would like to share. “I wish everybody could have one”, she says. As you get to know Julie, you will see countless ways this love chromosome affects those around her.

Derrick’s life challenges are more physical. Derrick underwent brain surgery from which he became unable to move his left side. It would take years of therapy to re-learn the basics like walking, talking and simple daily tasks. Derrick is still unable to use his left arm and he walks with a limp, but he has learned a lot through this process.

Love, combined with therapy, hard work, and practice have gotten both Julie and Derrick to where they are today. Julie will always have an extra chromosome and Derrick will always be paralyzed, yet both have chosen to do all they can to love life and share joy. They now travel and share their story while encouraging others to use their obstacles as opportunities. Their motto: Live Simply. Love Wastefully.